Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My Wallet used to be leather. Now, it's an altoids tin :D

What have YOU put in an altoids tin before? I store my money, receipts, cards, mp3 player, business cards etc... in my altoids tin. I mean, alot of people dont notice it but the altoids tins are conveniently sized for practically ANYTHING(slightly small.) That aside, I need to go to dinner, but before that I will sit here, drink my Vanilla Chai Tea, and Blog.
Have you ever noticed those idiots that love to deface guestbooks when they find an exploit on Securiteam or some other website and then, most annoying of all.... they think, that they, are...
1337 minus 337 plus 4m3 equals 14m3. Lame. Quite alot of times other morons with the name Xer0X deface things and then the people that I know love to fantasize that I went around doing that. I mean sure I did back when i was young and naive and just a beginner, but now all these morons are defacing guestbooks with dumbass messages (OMG LIEK IRAQI HAx0R CLAN fu00k USA~) and its really getting old. And if you want an example of a bunch of lameass idiots with nothing better to do, here it is:
The thing is, these Admins DONT TAKE THE MESSAGE DOWN!!! WHY NOT?!!? Well, I've been planning on creating my own website, adding it to google, putting a guestbook on it, and then just using it as a honeypot that logs the IP's that browse it, and then, i can see who tried to access what, and then... Reported! :D
But really, if this happens to you, make yourself a honeypot, or atleast fix the guestbook!
All THAT aside, does anyone know what kind of Guppy food i should get for my Guppies? AND NO I HAVENT SEARCHED GOOGLE! I hate those morons that post in a guestbook 'Why dont you search Google?! IDiot.' Well, if it were my guestbook, that ass would get banned because he is just wasting up space in a post, he isnt contributing. Maybe that person didnt WANT to search Google. What is the purpose of a forum now that these dumbasses always have to tell you to search Google. Since when did Google become the MOTHER BRAIN of information!? I think I'd get more productive and specific results (just maybe) if I asked a large group of human beings that come from very diverse places on the internet than if i typed it into a form. So, I'm planning on making a counter website to all those posts. How about:, if anybody wants to help me, im willing :D)
Back to the Guppies, one of them has already died, which sucks because they cost me about $3.96. I feed them, but they never eat it!!!!!
Oh well, gotta go :)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

In todays world, how is it possible to be sad when everyone's taking pills to be happy?

Pharmaceudicals and other drugs pretty much control the world. I mean, really, if some kid ends up being sad because he's too lazy to work in school and gets bad grades, he'll be given pills to make his dark little world happy again. But... what can I do? Eh........
Well, I'm going to start a tradition of posting the music that im currently listening to from my Winamp Playlist:
1. Coldplay - Amsterdam (5:17)
2. System of a Down - Bounce (1:54)
3. System Of A Down - BYOB (Explicit Version) (4:17)
4. System Of A Down - Chic 'N' Stu (2:25)
5. System Of A Down - Innervision (2:35)
6. system of a down - marijuana in your brain (1:25)
7. System Of A Down - Sad Statue (3:30)
8. System Of A Down - Highway Song (3:15)
9. System of a Down - Innervision (2:29)
10. System Of A Down and Sum Nig - Shame on a Nigger (2:40)
11. System Of A Down - BYOB (4:01)
12. Systeme Of A Down - Science (2:46)
13. HIM - Beautiful(1) (4:33)
14. HIM (His Infernal Majesty) - Dont Fear the Reaper (6:30)
15. HIM - Endless Dark (5:35)
16. Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds (3:38)
17. Blue Man Group - Drumbone (2:44)
18. Blue Man Group - Exhibit 13 (9:21)
19. Blue Man Group - Rods and Cones (5:58)
20. Blue Man Group - PVC IV (4:23)
21. Blue Man Group - Shadows (2:06)
22. Blue Man Group - Pure Moods II (5:31)
23. Blue Man Group - Tension 2 (2:05)
24. Blue Man Group (feat. Gavin Rossdale) - The Current (3:50)
25. Blue Man Group - X Files Theme (6:15)
As you can tell, Im quite a fan of SoaD and BMG. Well, sorry i havent really given you guys any news on my life, but nothings really happened lately so..,..
-C ya

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Wen to bed last night at about 1 or 2 in the am. Not much going on today, just went out to go to the store and get some food, nothin else. Last night we went to EBGames ( and bought Area 51. Problem is my friends Xbox is preeetty crappy, and it quite frequently says that the disc is ruined/damaged/asking for gay rights(oh that's right, i went there :P). Also watched the movie Haggard last night, with Bam Margera, and a bunch of other people. That pretty much everything summed up into a bunch of words.
I'll post later on when i have something interesting to say..... :x

Friday, May 27, 2005

Grades grades grades grades... GRADES!!!

Yet another weak shot to hell... just like all the other weaks in my 13 and a 1/2 year life. Well.. almost the end of school... like 10 or 15 more days, but go fiure its just going slow as hell. For some reason I'm also in one of my depressed/angry/i-hate-the-world mood. I'm ALSO thoroughly pissed that Johnny Depp will be playing Willy Wonka instead of Marilyn Manson( But, meh, I'll go see it anyway, I do like Tim Burton's stuff. Unfortunately, so do all of those whiny, bitchy, annoying, always-act-depressed-but-really-arent, do-things-because-there-friends-do-them Emotional(Emo.)/Goth/Punkr0x0r kids. They mainly like N.M.B.X.M. If i do go i hope the theatre isnt infested with a bunch of those kids.Ugh... oh well :(...
High School Assessments were completed today by pretty much every single eighth grader in the school that hadnt taken it before. When I walked into the classroom everyone was sitting out of place so i said to myself where should i said and this other faggot says: "Alone, because nobody likes you." Ah well, hes only cranky because he's got sand in his vagina and I ruined his pathetic website.
Heh, does anyone else have trouble finding the video game Area 51 to rent? Because I'm sure as hell I've called every blockbuster and hollywood video within a 200 mile radius and they dont have it. I'll probably just keep calling anyway...
I got an EGM magazine today... a review on the Xbox 360 and an interview with the project director or whoever it is.
I've also started getting stuff for fish, tank, guppies, etc..Another strange thing... Came home today to feed the fish and the tank was cloudy as HELL, and one of the fish was dead, hopefully they survive until i get the chance to clean their tank out :(
Well.. I'm getting bored so....
Later ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Damn phpBB

Went to HFStival '05. Not all the bands were great but I can tell you, the NY Dolls, Social Distortion, Billy Idol, and the Foo Fighters put on a Kickass show. Unfortunately, SoAD wasnt a special guest there, but the bands i mentioned were great. Otherwise... not much goes on in the Security world since my last post.
WHY doesnt phpBB just completely stop making new versions? I mean, by 2010 they'll probably be releasing phpBB 981,237,152,342,123,327,458,428,738,562.0.1. phpBB's new versions come out just like a monthly magazine. The phpBB team tries to patch up one sploit then ends up creating another for all of t3h 1337 h4x0rs and Skr1p7K1Dd13Z to rape the phpBB team of what dignity they have left (phpBB's Current Amount of Dignity:

-234987234623203847243962348623423472938742187312.5 Points)

Ooooh, heres something HUGE on all the security and exploit sites and if you havent heard about it, click: . The new vulnerabilities for Mozilla Firefox! Everyone is utterly SHOCKED that the Mozilla team would allow a single exploit to get through. I mean, I actually heard some people are switching to IE because of that. Dumb. Ass. Es. Why the HELL would anyone do that? Really people, if you want proof that Mozilla Firefox (MoFo) is more secure than IE, than go to and search for Internet explorer, then go search for Firefox, and compare the results. People, everything has bugs, but quoted straight from Ghost in the Shell(sort of), there isn't a bug that cant be fixed... unless the bug your talking about is in IE or phpBB. :P.
Well... I'm gonna go do ... something.... lol...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kittens and Security

My cat's name is Bosley (Don't blame me, I didnt name him my sister did and personally I hate the name. Meh.
Heh heh,
It's been a while. I guess i got side tracked. Meh, oh well. I'll soon be going to HFStival. Supposedly there'll be some unspecified guest, although I'm hoping it'll be System of A Down. Otherwise... I got a kitteh! Pix^. We actually found him with a litter in my mother's friend's barn.
Random Infobit:
You can find lots of Google Services just by searching 'Google' in the google search engine.
Security <- click that link for more stuff on security.
Security News (Thanks alot Secunia and SecuriTeam!):
-For all you blogbrowsing 1337h4x0rZ out there, a new vulnerability on myBloggie has been discovered involving Path Disclosure, XSS, and SQL Injection, and also a nasty little Comment Delete bug. Really people, if you're going to make a CMS, Blog System, or other popular service for the masses, SECURE IT!!!!!!!! For more info on this bug:
-This one makes me sad... Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3... and It breaks my heart saying this, as I've trusted MoFo for a long time... has an arbitrary code execution vulnerability. I'm REALLY hoping the MoFo staff will or already have created an update/fix for this(other than the partial fix im hoping that they'll soon come out with an update on 1.0.4) For more info...
-Yet again, another CMS/Forum/BB exploit. It really pisses me off how these idiots make software that is blatantly vulnerable and doesnt have the slightest protection of XSS/SQL Injection/Arbitrary Comm. Execution. Well, MaxWebPortal XSS and SQL vulnerabilities... ugh... pathetic. In this world of utterly horrible CMS/BB/Forum systems I say that you really arent safe unless you build your own site or just mod PHP-Fusion to spruce up its security, As for BBs/ Forums, I say Invision PowerBoards. More Info:

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I'm awake today!

Yesterday i was so tired after i got back from the Colin Mochrie show that i made a painfully short post and slumped off to bed. Not much happened today, we went out to buy loads of food and supplies for the SuperBowl, which me & my friend are watching right now. Cant wait til tomorrow when i get to see the next episode of 24 :)! One out of the many things i love about the superbowl is the fact that commercials are usually hilarious. Me and my friend were talking about how strange, horrible, yet amusing it would be if the apocalypse occurred right at the beginning of the superbowl. Just imagine you see the 4 riders prancing in on their little white, red, black, and pale horses to come and end the world. Well... on to random thoughts...
Rambling on about my random thoughts
Speaking of the apocalypse, if you knew the world was going to end in 5 hours, what would you do? Personally, I'd go looting and then pray to god to forgive me for everything, then I'd do some of the craziest things ever, like jump out of a car going 122 mph in a line of fast moving traffic.. Hah... imagine that...
' I'm alive!'
*bang!* you get hit by an oncoming car.
Heh, but what the hell, I think it'd be cool to see what actually would happen if the people knew that the end of the world was coming in 5 hours. I'm thinking total anarchy. I mean think about it, thered be no consecuence but death, people would just start murdering, raping, etc... any random person. If i didnt do anything i mentioned earlier, I'd probably just start wrecking my house and at the last hour of life that everyone on earth I'd get on the roof of my house with a nice fine cup of champagne and a beach chair and wait for the four horsemen come riding in. Yeah, the end of the world would definetly be a big mark on the history of earth.
I guess I'll start ranting about something now :), because i am bored. What in the hell has happened to the United States?! I mean, it just seems like we're the most... whats the word? Aha! Hypocritical, Ignorant, and Illiterate country on the face of the earth? Most people blame the government. Umm... No. It's half 'n half. Us citizens also have to take the blame too. I mean, how can you blame the government for something that ones' self does? It seems like America just has no definition of family (you may think I'm being stereotypical.) But I'll bet you more than half of the american people rarely have a family get together or a dinner. I mean, I love america, I'm not one of those idiots that go to protests about stupid crap and vote against bush just because there friends do it. I'm just saying that american families need to pay more attention to there kids, dont let them go out unless they tell you where they're going and who it is with. People should have designated family game nights or something. I'm not trying to say that us americans should do everything the same way, but just saying we should get it together. Stop letting the TV rule your life/family. Please dont take offense to what I'm saying, because really im just trying to get people to understand that my generation (*I'm 13 years old*) is gonna go down the tubes because of family life and drugs and sex and media. But whatever, raise your kids the way you want. But remember, the way the future turns out is based on the way you handle the current.
Later, and hello to all my fellow marylanders and baltimoreans!
PS: please comment XD :)